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cover image general terms and conditions of sale

General Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Subject 

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the on-line sale of goods and/or services offered by the Seller to the Consumer.

The Seller reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time by publishing a new version of them that will be applicable to all orders placed after their first appearance on the website. ‘Consumer’ means any natural or legal person.

These Terms and Conditions of Sales express the terms and conditions under which the business, Carolyn Watts I.E. at, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Seller’, offers or ensures the supply – via remote digital marketing – of products to Consumers under the conditions of Articles L.221-1 and following of the Consumer Code. 

The informed Consumer unreservedly accepts, as a result of their order, all the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sales. No general or specific condition contained in documents sent or delivered by the Consumer may be incorporated herein without the express written agreement of the Seller.

2. Contractual Documents

This Contract consists of the following Contractual documents, listed in descending hierarchical order : the electronic order form, these Terms and Conditions of Sales, the Shipping Policy and the Return and Refunds Policy. 

In case of a contradiction between the provisions contained in the documents of different ranks, the provisions of the higher ranking document shall prevail.

3. Identification of the Seller responsible for the Offer

The following information is specified on this website as required by the law:

  • Name of the Seller of the products or Service Provider,
  • Telephone number by which to contact them,
  • Their address and, for legal persons and registered address.

4. Effective Date and Duration

These Terms and Conditions of Sales shall become effective on the date the form is electronically signed on our website. These Terms and Conditions of Sales are concluded for the duration necessary for the supply of the subscribed goods, until the end of the Seller’s guarantees.

5. Validation of the Contract

The Consumer’s ‘click’ under the purchase order constitutes the validation of said Contract. In particular, by the first click the Consumer confirms their order and by the second click, accepts it definitively after having verified it. The order will only be recorded after the second click and related payment.

6. Proof of the Transaction

The records stored in the Seller’s computer systems under reasonable security conditions, shall be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties. The purchase orders and invoices are stored on a reliable and durable medium that can be produced as evidence.

7. Product Information

7-a: The Seller presents its products for sale on its website providing the necessary descriptions in accordance with Article L.111-1 of the Consumer Code, which requires that the potential Consumer is given the possibility to know the characteristics of the products they intend to buy before passing the purchase order.

7-b: The offers presented by the Seller are only valid while stocks last.

8. Price

The prices are indicated in Euro and are valid only on the day that the Consumer sends the purchase order. VAT is not applicable, as per Art. 293 B of the French General Tax Code. Any change in the VAT rate will automatically be reflected in the price of the products in the online shop. Full payment must be made upon making the order. No deposit or down payment will be accepted.

9. Payment Method

The Consumer must choose one of the payment methods listed on their purchase order. Upon validation of the purchase order, the Consumer guarantees the Seller that they have permission to use the chosen payment method. 

The Seller reserves the right to suspend the processing of any order or delivery in the event the credit card payment is refused by officially accredited bodies. 

The Seller also reserves the right to refuse a delivery or execute an order received from a Consumer who has not fully paid a previous order, or with whom a payment dispute is in progress.

10. Delivery Methods

The products will be delivered to the address specified by the Consumer in the purchase order, within the delivery time specified in the order.

The Consumer may request and be sent an invoice to their billing address and not to their delivery address, when the order is specified as a gift. 

Shipments within mainland France are made by La Poste or Mondial Relais. For international shipments, contact us for more details, including estimated shipping costs, prior to ordering. As soon as the goods are shipped, the Consumer receives a confirmation email. The Seller tracks the order using the carrier’s tracking number and website and will advise the Consumer if there are any delays.

In case of a delay in delivery with respect to the date given in the shipping confirmation email, the Seller will report the delay to the Consumer via email; the Seller will then contact the courier to start an investigation.

An investigation may take up to 21 days from its starting date. If, during this period, the product is found, it will be immediately rerouted to the Consumer’s address (which happens in most cases). On the other hand, if the product is not found after 21 days, a replacement product will be sent to the buyer at the Seller’s expense. 

If the ordered products are no longer available at that time, the related amount would be refunded to the Consumer. If the products are still available, but their sale prices on the website have changed, the new sales prices will be applied after agreement of the Consumer. 

The Seller will be exempt from liability for any fault attributable to the Consumer or for any unforeseeable and overwhelming fault of a third party involved in the Contract, or in the event of force majeure.

11. Faulty Delivery and Product Verification

11-a: In the event of a faulty delivery not compliant with the purchase order, the Consumer must forward the Seller the related claim within 14 days. All claims made after the said terms will be rejected, except those covered by the legal guarantee of conformity and/or the legal guarantee against defects, to which the deadlines provided for by current legislation apply. 

11-b: The claim can be submitted to the Seller via email by specifying the order reference number and providing full contact details.

11-c: Any claim that is not submitted according to the rules and within the time limits specified above will not be taken into account and the Seller will be released from any liability toward the Consumer.

11-d: In case of a faulty delivery or mistaken delivery, any product to be replaced or refunded must be returned to the Seller intact and complete. So it is suitable for resale, and in its original packaging. For faster and more reliable management of these cases, Consumers are encouraged to use the So Colissimo service of La Poste, or any other means at the convenience of the Consumer, to the address indicated in a written request sent by email. 

All returns must be notified in advance by email to in order to facilitate processing. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Consumer, except in the case that the product received is not the one that the Consumer ordered.

12. Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with Article L.221-18 and following of the Consumer Code, the Consumer can return any goods that are unsuitable and get a refund of the invoiced amount up to 14 clear days from the date the goods were delivered or from the date the offer for the provision of services was accepted.

The product will only be taken back or replaced if returned in unused condition, in its original packaging, in perfect condition suitable for resale, accompanied by any accessories, instructions, documentation and related invoice. 

For faster and more reliable processing, the Consumer must, prior to any return, inform the Supplier of the return by sending an email to specifying their personal and relevant information and a request for return of the products. 

The Seller will then send the return authorisation by email to the Consumer. No justification is required for withdrawal. The return parcel must be shipped within the legal deadline, with the postmarked date or other tracking number as the proof. 

For faster and more reliable management of these cases, Consumers are encouraged to use the So Colissimo service of La Poste, or any other means at the convenience of the Consumer, to the address specified in the email authorising the return. The postage must be sufficient, to avoid any penalty on reception. Any penalty incurred will be deducted from the refund. Cash on delivery parcels will be refused. If the return goods are damaged or used, the amount of the refund will be established after contacting the Consumer.

For refund, the same method used for the original payment transaction will be used. We may defer refund until we have received the goods, or until you have provided proof of shipment of the goods – whichever comes first.

Example of withdrawal form: only complete and return this form if you wish to withdraw from the Contract

Address the form to Carolyn Watts I.E., email address

I/We* hereby notify you my/our* withdrawal from the Contract for the sale of the goods specified below.

Customer number:

Purchase order number:

Ordered on* / Received on*:

Last name/First name:




*delete as applicable

13. Processing of parcels not delivered by our shipping provider

If a parcel is thus returned to the Seller for a reason such as ‘unclaimed parcel’ or ‘the addressee does not live at the indicated address’, the Seller will send the Consumer an email to inform them, and the parcel will be re-delivered to the Consumer after they have agreed and paid the related charges. 

These charges shall be paid upon delivery of the parcel at a La Poste office. If these redelivery charges remain unpaid, or if after payment of related charges the parcel still remains unclaimed and is therefore returned a second time to the Seller by post, it will be kept by the Seller for ten (10) days. At the end of this period, the Seller may decide to resell or destroy the items, without prior notice or formal actions. The said resale or destruction does not entitle the Consumer to refund, replacement or compensation. 

14. Force Majeure

Neither party shall be deemed to have failed to fulfil their Contractual obligations if their fulfilment is delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or a force majeure event. All facts or circumstances external to the parties which are unpredictable, inevitable, beyond the control of the parties and which they cannot prevent, despite all reasonable possible efforts, shall be considered as fortuitous events or force majeure events.

The party affected by such an event shall notify the other party by email and within ten working days of the date they become aware of the said event or circumstance. Within a month of the event, unless still impossible due to force majeure circumstances, the two parties shall come back together to examine the impact of the event and agree on the conditions under which the fulfilment of the Contract will be undertaken. 

If the force majeure event or circumstance lasts for more than three months, these Terms and Conditions of Sale may be terminated by the damaged party. Fortuitous or force majeure events and circumstances expressly means those usually considered so by the French legislation.

15. Partial Non-Validation

Should one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Sale be considered or declared invalid according to a law, a regulation or following a final decision by a competent court, the other provisions will still retain all their validity and enforceability.

16. Non-Waiver

If either party should waive any breach of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, this party shall not thereby be deemed to have waived any succeeding breach of the same or any other provision of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

17. Law and Computer Liberties

17-a: Use of purchase order data. The Seller shall use purchase order data exclusively for the execution of the order and its follow-up by the Customer Service. All Consumer data is stored and used only by the Seller, in accordance with the French Act on Information Technology, Data File and Civil Liberties of 6 January 1978.

17-b: Right of rectification. The Consumer has the right of correction or deletion of his/her personal data stored in the Seller’s computer system, and can exercise the said right at any time. In exercise the said right, the Consumer must send an email to the following address: or write to: Carolyn Watts at La place de la Salle des Fêtes, St Pierre D’Exideuil, 86400, Civray.

17-c: Sharing personal data. The Seller shall not disclose any Consumer’s personal data, including post and email addresses, to third parties without the prior consent of the concerned Consumer. Authorisation to disclosure of personal data can be revoked at any time. The direct partners who handle the orders are excluded. The Seller shall take the necessary security measures to protect the data in its possession against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised parties. 

However, the Seller cannot guarantee perfect security when data is exchanged via the Internet: any action by the Consumer is at their own risk.

17-d: It is the responsibility of the website user to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by possible viruses circulating on the Internet. The Seller declines all liabilities for any damage that may occur during the consultation of the website.

18. Personal Data Accepting Cookies

The use of cookies on this website allows the Seller to offer Consumer contents and services adapted to their centres of interest. The Seller recommends that the Consumer accept their use to take full advantage of browsing this website.

For full details about the Cookies used on this website visit our Cookie Policy page.

19. Disputes

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are regulated by the substantive and formal rules of the French legislation.

In case of a dispute or claim, the Consumer shall first contact the Seller to reach an amicable solution. In case of failure to reach an amicable agreement between the parties, the Consumer, according to Article R.631-3 of the Consumer Code, can resort, at their choice, to a court having jurisdiction pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure, or a court having jurisdiction in the place where he was living at the time the Contract was concluded or a court having jurisdiction in the place where the damage occurred.

Additionally, the Consumer may use the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform to submit a complaint. The ODR is provided by the European Commission to make online shopping safer and fairer by providing easy to access dispute resolution tools.

20. Contact Us

This website is owned and operated by Carolyn Watts E.I. registered in France under Siret number 851 586 354 00017.

Our registered office is at: La place de la Salle des Fêtes, St Pierre D’Exideuil, 86400, Civray.

If you have any questions regarding these General Terms and Conditions of Sale you can contact us:

(a) by post, to the postal address given above

(b) using our website contact form;

(c) by telephone, on the contact number published on our website; or

(d) by email to

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